About Department

In keeping with the mission of the D.A.Degree Engineering & Technology, the Department of Computer Engineering strives for excellence in teaching, research, and service. Specifically we aspire to lead in Preparing students for full and ethical participation in a diverse society and encourage lifelong learning; Educate students in the best practices of the field as well as integrate the latest research into the curriculum; Foster the development of problem solving and communication skills as an integral component of the profession; Provide quality learning experiences through effective classroom practices, active learning styles of teaching, and opportunities for meaningful interactions between students and faculty.


Department of Computer Engineering will excel nationally and distinguish itself as a recognized pre-eminent leader in imparting knowledge to students and establish State of the Art Research center in its domain.


To develop students to be competent and professional solution providers. Competent to learn Emerging Technology. Yet be Responsible citizens who will create wealth for the nation

Diploma (Computer Engineering)


3 Years




₹ 36,000